NOTD: Christmas colors

I'm so late with posting this! Before I left for the holidays I forgot to take a picture of the main color: posh!

#571, "Posh"

For 4 of my nails on my left hand, I used a green-ish nail polish that is just perfect for Christmas! I'll admit that when I saw it at the store I was a little reluctant to buy it, but something inside of me really wanted this bottle!
This nail polish is Revlon's number 571 and is called "Posh". At first I didn't like the formula because it seemed like it was too watery. I shook it up about a dozen times and, still watery! However, by the time I got to my right hand I was used to the formula and actually really liked the color. Depending on how you apply your nail polish, you could get away with just one coat but I would put two just because it's so pretty! I will definitely be using this color again.
Yay for impulse buying! Haha

"Amber" with Matte Suede Finish

So I finally decided to pull out my Julep Maven boxes. I got so busy that I wasn't able to even open two of my boxes (that's when I decided to cancel my membership). This one here is called "Amber". I thought I would get a nice shimmery gold out of this polish but nope! Once I started unpacking this polish I noticed that it actually has a matte suede finish to it... Now hold up, a matte suede finish? That's a new concept to me. I proceeded..with caution.

I have mix feelings about this polish. I feel like if I played around it with more like I did with the Revlon nail polish, then I would really love this but I didn't. As you can see, I only applied this color to one nail. After I applied one coat, I didn't like the color at all, so I decided to go with the green. However, once the Julep polish dried, it was actually pretty cool! Instead of having a smooth shiny finish, it was soft and....suede-like (for lack of a better word).

For this look I was looking for shimmery gold, so I wouldn't recommend this product. However, I will definitely use it again in a different look! Maybe for New Years?


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