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Volunteering for the holidays!

Just a quick update: my friends and I made it to the cover of our local newspaper!! Haha. Its so exciting cause I never thought that would happen but it did! We volunteered for Toy Closet during the holidays. If you don't know what Toy Closet is, its a non-profit organization run by volunteers that helps deliver toys to less fortunate kids. We receive donations, sort them, and help distribute them to the kids.

(If you cant tell who I am, I'm the one in the blue infinity scarf :D)

Dec 14-20 Make up challenge

14. Favorite Youtube guru(s)?

Weylie- the first guru i started watching [:

Jen  - the most recent guru I've gotten into [:

15. Do you wear blush?

- Nooo I don't. I really want to try blush though [:
or Deep Throat?

Milani's baked blush luminoso
Since I just want to try blush I'll probably go for Milani's [:

16. Do you copy any of the celebrity's make up?

- Nope I feel like a lot of them wear too much make up for my taste

17. Favorite make up artist?

-You know...I actually don't know of any....unless Youtube beauty gurus who make their own looks count?

18. What's your favorite night time look?

-I think for night time....more black comes out. Haha. Wait. Is this question just towards make up? In general, I think black looks really good on people. For make up, mascara could be heavier and maybe even a little more eyeliner (although thick eyeliner kind of scares me). For clothes, I would definitely put on a pair of heels/heeled boots [:

19. Favorite concealer?

- I don't use concealer o.o

20. Favorite eyeshadow primer?

- I actually didn't have a legit eyeshadow primer until a few days ago. I keep forgetting to pick one up so I just purchased a cheap E.L.F primer and I haven't really had the chance to test it out that much. So I do not have a favorite eye primer for now.

NOTD: Christmas colors

I'm so late with posting this! Before I left for the holidays I forgot to take a picture of the main color: posh!

#571, "Posh"

For 4 of my nails on my left hand, I used a green-ish nail polish that is just perfect for Christmas! I'll admit that when I saw it at the store I was a little reluctant to buy it, but something inside of me really wanted this bottle!
This nail polish is Revlon's number 571 and is called "Posh". At first I didn't like the formula because it seemed like it was too watery. I shook it up about a dozen times and, still watery! However, by the time I got to my right hand I was used to the formula and actually really liked the color. Depending on how you apply your nail polish, you could get away with just one coat but I would put two just because it's so pretty! I will definitely be using this color again.
Yay for impulse buying! Haha

"Amber" with Matte Suede Finish

So I finally decided to pull out my Julep Maven boxes. I got so busy that I wasn't able to even open two of my boxes (that's when I decided to cancel my membership). This one here is called "Amber". I thought I would get a nice shimmery gold out of this polish but nope! Once I started unpacking this polish I noticed that it actually has a matte suede finish to it... Now hold up, a matte suede finish? That's a new concept to me. I proceeded..with caution.

I have mix feelings about this polish. I feel like if I played around it with more like I did with the Revlon nail polish, then I would really love this but I didn't. As you can see, I only applied this color to one nail. After I applied one coat, I didn't like the color at all, so I decided to go with the green. However, once the Julep polish dried, it was actually pretty cool! Instead of having a smooth shiny finish, it was soft and....suede-like (for lack of a better word).

For this look I was looking for shimmery gold, so I wouldn't recommend this product. However, I will definitely use it again in a different look! Maybe for New Years?

Vlog #29 & 30

Day 29: a date you’d love for someone to take you on
Day 30: 5 favorite girls names, 5 favorite boys names

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Vlog #27 & 28

Day 27: a person you wished lived closer and why
Day 28: something you makes you really angry

I am slowly getting through this challenge! Haha  

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Dec. 8-13 Make up challenge

8. What's your favorite daytime look?
-Since I'm just now getting into make up I don't have a look that I wear everyday except my natural face. If I do put on make up, it would just be eyeliner with mascara. However, I love neutrals. If I could pick a favorite look on somebody else, it would probably be someone who wears a lot of neutral eyeshadows or has a kind of bronze look.

9. Picture of your make up collection:

My collection is small (I got most of it recently) but I like it. I actually have another foundation and some powders somewhere but I'm not sure where, they're packed in a box somewhere. Eyeliners and mascara I kind of keep in multiple places, like several different bags, so that I always have it if I need it. The trunk I just got for Christmas from my uncle hahaha.

10. Favorite make up brush?
- I love the stippling brush because it applies BB cream beautifully. I was never a fan of the flat foundation brush or my hands.

11. Do you like wearing bronzer?
-I tried it! I bought a bronzer by Stila anddd...it looks nice haha. I don't really know what to say about bronzers. I do like the look it gives but I wouldn't say it's necessary.

12. Favorite mascara?
- I currently don't have one. Sadly, I am still searching for the perfect mascara (or at least one that I really like!) I have about 8 of them right now and the one I like the best is the Maybelline mascara that I showed you guys earlier.

13. Where do you keep your make up?
- Aha, like I said I kind of put my eye make up everywhere. I keep all the face stuff (foundation, bronzer, BB cream) in the same drawer though.

OK those are all the ones that relate! Just wanted to through them together. If you want to read the previous questions:
Dec. 1-6
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Inside my head: "Lets Go" by Calvin Harris ft. Ne-Yo

Christmas Maddness

Sorry! As all students know, the week before Winter Break is hella busy with exams, finals, homework, projects, etc. so I haven't had time to update. After hell week at school was over I got swamped with all this Christmas stuff but now it's finally over!
I just wanted to share my week with you guys in pictures real quick. Unfortunately I wasn't able to snap pics of everything ]: But here we go!

Christmas party with the friends

We got bored waiting for people to pick a movie haha
Part of my gift from secret santa (: will post on that later

Baking with the cousin from Oklahoma (:
my beautiful cousin!

merry christmas from me and thumper!!

a bit of snow (:
the beautiful tree

doing last minute errands on christmas eve

christmas shoppinggg!

Those are just the pictures I was able to get on my phone haha there's plenty more but I won't bore you with them xD. Follow me on Instagram for more (semi daily) photos! Username is: ilhubveuu

Hope everyone had a good Christmas!!

P.S. I got some goodies for Christmas so I'll have some reviews up!
P.S.S (or is it P.P.S ?) I will DEFINITELY get on the December challenge before the end of the month haha. Otherwise there would be no point.

OOTD: simple soft white button up

This is just a nice simple button up that I love love love. It has a classy and sophisticated style but the lace makes it a little playful. The material is amazing. Its soft and smooth and silk but it also wrinkles easily so be careful!

Beautiful full length mirror armoire

While doing some Christmas shopping I came across this beautiful armoire. It has a full length mirror with a little lock on the side. When you unlock it and pull the mirror back, you find such a beautiful jewelry organizer! I would love love lovee to have this. It is so convenient for someone like me who just tosses her jewelry everywhere haha. Unfortunately, it was $200 even while on sale ):
If anyone knows of something similar to this (but cheaper) let me know!

OOTD: Crop top

Helloo ! So today's weather was so nice that I didn't have to wear a jacket [: Before I headed to DC, I decided to take a few photos for my outfit of the day. It's not a fancy outfit or anything, just something nice and simple that you can wear out when the weather is looking up. I was so happy that the sun finally decided to come out!

Today I have:
-Blue crop top over a white tank: 5.7.9
-Dark blue skinnies: 5.7.9
-Brown leather boots/gray moccasins

With this look, I thought that it could go two ways. For a more comfortable, laid back look you could pair them with gray moccasins (on the left). For a look that...pops out more? I guess. Haha, you could wear them with knee high boots. I would choose my brown boots over my black ones because I'm going to walk around DC, so black heeled boots are less appealing to me. However, you could choose whatever color you want!

** Edit: Sorry, on my phone the moccasins are totally viewable but on the computer you can barely see them. I'll post a look-a-like photo.

These moccasins aren't totally like mine but they're very similar! Mine are actually from Nine West and they are lined with faux fur. 

Wishlist: Knit cardigan

So no matter how much I search and I search I can't seem to find one of these at the store. Not any that I like anyways.

I used to have one but it got snagged on one too many things ;;; (I'm quite clumsy and careless). Plus it shrunk. So now I'm just thinking that I should find a crochet pattern for it and make it myself because really -__- I'm tired of walking out of stores empty-handed. This is why I want to open my own store :x

Anyways! They are so warm and comfy and go great with leggings and skinny jeans. For the fall this will pair well with basically anything. Accessorize with a scarf and some boots (my personal favorite) or whatever you feel like wearing that day! 

Christmas spirit is so pretty!

Who has started decorating for the holidays?! I know people who were itching to start so they put up their decorations the day after Thanksgiving xD Here's a few things I've been up to these past few weeks.

Holiday essentials:

1. A tree. It doesn't have to be the most beautiful or the most expensive tree but it does have to be decorated (with lots of love!).
  • Lights, ornaments, and school crafts to hang up. 
  • Stuffed animals and toys (including barbie doll houses of course) to be put under the tree. 
  • A STAR!! Or any really special ornament to put on top [: 
  • (P.S. Don't you love Winnie the Pooh and Tigger?)

2. Making arts and crafts!

A tradition of Christmas has always been to make gingerbread houses. Well, at our FBLA holiday party we had a gingerbread house competition! This is the one that the officers made. We weren't finished when I took the picture haha but you get the point. Even our traditional house was fun to make.

3. Of course you can't forget the snowman!!
Since it refuses to snow here in Virginia this little guy is the only happy snowman around <3

Happy Holidays everyone! 
I hope people did well on their finals!! 
For those of you that still have to go to school on Monday, don't forget you're not alone. I'll be dragging my butt back to school as well, sigh. On the bright side, after NEXT Friday we're DONEE!

JHS white elephant game!

I am proud to say that since Aliza and I have taken over Japanese Honor Society, it has become so much better [:
Members are more active and there are plenty of opportunities to earn hours unlike previous years. White elephant was fun today! I got a pair of headphones, then a teddy bear car charm thing, and then I ended up with a snuggie hehe. Yayy! I love holiday activities ^^

OOTD: Multi-color scarf

So I've finally gotten home before sun down! Its so hard to remember to have someone take photos of me haha.

My wardrobe typically consists of spring/summer clothes that I layer in the fall/winter. This outfit is a great example of that! For my shirt, I have a.... Backless shirt that ties around the neck (idk what thats called) that I layered with a short-sleeve cardigan and light scarf. You definitely cant wear this shirt in the winter without a good cardigan/jacket! I love cardigans and thing they are a MUST in every girl (or guys) closet. They go with virtually everything and can help transition an outfit through seasons.

Cardigan: 5.7.9
Shirt: 5.7.9
Jeans: Pacsun
Boots: Life Stride

Lately I've only remembered to do OOTD on days I wear these boots haha. I love boots so you'll probably see these andy gray booties a LOT. (Just a fair warning)

This is also the nail-polish that I applied at the end of last week. I didn't have time to apply a top coat so it'll probably start chipping a bit. I'm itching to try out this new gold nail-polish that I got!

Kay, Bai!

Hair: Curled half up-do

Just got bored and needed to take my mind off of school for a bit ~
A simple up-do with a few curls [:


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