Christmas Maddness

Sorry! As all students know, the week before Winter Break is hella busy with exams, finals, homework, projects, etc. so I haven't had time to update. After hell week at school was over I got swamped with all this Christmas stuff but now it's finally over!
I just wanted to share my week with you guys in pictures real quick. Unfortunately I wasn't able to snap pics of everything ]: But here we go!

Christmas party with the friends

We got bored waiting for people to pick a movie haha
Part of my gift from secret santa (: will post on that later

Baking with the cousin from Oklahoma (:
my beautiful cousin!

merry christmas from me and thumper!!

a bit of snow (:
the beautiful tree

doing last minute errands on christmas eve

christmas shoppinggg!

Those are just the pictures I was able to get on my phone haha there's plenty more but I won't bore you with them xD. Follow me on Instagram for more (semi daily) photos! Username is: ilhubveuu

Hope everyone had a good Christmas!!

P.S. I got some goodies for Christmas so I'll have some reviews up!
P.S.S (or is it P.P.S ?) I will DEFINITELY get on the December challenge before the end of the month haha. Otherwise there would be no point.


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