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YestoCarrots Haul!!! and first impressions

So there was this huge YestoCarrots sale on black friday where everything was really cheap (I think everything was $2 or $4 I can't remember it was so long ago) so I took the opportunity to try out this brand.

Watch the YouTube video to see my haul

So I actually really love this shampoo and conditioner. Although I don't like how it doesn't give my hair a shampoo smell like herbal essence or aussie, I do love how clean and refreshed my hair feels. It feels light, soft, smooth, and most important of all, TANGLE FREE!!!

This body lotion is very light and has little to no fragrance which is great if you wear perfume. It is moisturizing without being oily however I do not feel that it will give me 24 hr moisture like it claims. 

OK so I have not tried the night cream yet but I do love the moisturizer. It is a very light weight moisturizer so I do not feel oily. I am combination skin so it is hard to find a moisturizer that takes care of my dry spots without making me oily and so far this is doing a good job! The only thing that I do not like is the smell but it's not an absolutely horrid smell so I can deal with it.

Lemme say, the CC cream is the item that I do not like the most. Somehow, it makes my skin look worse than it is. It makes my pores more noticeable and it enhances my acne scares if anything. Also, it looks like my skin is irritated, it is a little red. So overall, I will probably not use this again after trying it out another couple of times.

That's it for my haul!
Everything cost about $30 which is a huge deal!!

See you next time <3

Sriracha flavored Lays chips?!

Like I posted on my Instagram, I found Sriracha flavored Lays chips while I was on a late night snack run haha. 

Unfortunately, it doesnt actually taste like sriracha but... Then again i didnt really think it would. It tastes kind of like salt and vinegar chips with a hint of something else. Kind of sweet. 

All in all not bad for chips. I just wouldnt call them sriracha flavored

Leopard print

OK, lets try this posting outfit things again. While I was in Vegas I got to go to Rue21!! I LOVE that store. I always go when we go to Delaware in the summer because they have ahMAZing deals. I ended up getting this shirt for a little over $4 [: can you say bargain? 

Anyways, what I love about this shirt is that it has POCKETS! Two. In the front. And the back is a solid black color so its not too loud. And it was 4 bucks. I mean, cmon. 

Didnt have that much time to take pics but i'll get better ^^; 


Graduation get together for family

Just wanted to share some photos I took with the camera my aunt gave me (:
It's her old camera so its kind of old but it's still fun and I love it anyways! Unfortunately I didn't start playing around with it until most of the food was gone ahaha

My grandma on my dad's side

Little cousin Luc

Little cousin Luc

My uncle, Luc's dad, Hieu

My aunt Hanh [:
 I love sepia, it's such a pretty filter [:

and my bunny Thumper! ^^

I'm so thankful for the family that I have. They are so wonderful to me and I truly am such a lucky girl.

Vlog #38

I attempted to do 14 topics in one video but the video ended up being like 15 minutes long so that wasn't going to work out very well haha.
Plus my nose was just so stuffy ugh. Anyways I'll try to just combine the topics into weekly videos instead of doing them separately into each video.

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1. Are you a lover or a fighter?
2. Describe your future wedding.
3. If you didn't have an age, how old would you think you are?
4. Your day in great detail
5. Something you did as a child that other people remember you for.
6. What color are your favorite pair of flip flops?
7. How many keys are on your keyring?
8. What is the song with the most plays on your iTunes?
9. What is your favorite thing about last month?

I cut the video off after I finished #9 even though I have #10-14 recorded. I'll put the rest of the answers up on my blog or something instead of re recording it

♡ ♡ ♡

10. One random fact about yourself
- When I was little I loooved to watch Blues Clues and monster truck videos instead of playing with barbies or something.

11. if you could switch lives with someone for a day, who would it be?
- I would probably switch with a famous singer just to see what the fame and fortune is like [:

12. How did you find out about Tumblr? Why did you make one?
- I found out because my best friend posted something and it was linked to her Facebook (I think). Somehow, I ended up on her blog and I was intrigued. It was password protected so I made one just to follow her haha. After following her and a couple of other friends, I started making my own posts and pretty much became obsessed with Tumblr.

13. The best concert you have been to
-I haven't been to a legitimate concert really...I saw the bands that performed at "Mason day" and that was pretty fun because Hot Chelle Rae came

14. A celebrity you don't necessarily enjoy and why
- I don't really follow celebrity gossip and obsess over their lives or know anything about them outside of their profession really...but if i had to pick someone I guess I would say that I don't really like Justin Bieber. I admit that some of his songs are catchy and I really like them but I don't see the appeal in him.


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