Dec 14-20 Make up challenge

14. Favorite Youtube guru(s)?

Weylie- the first guru i started watching [:

Jen  - the most recent guru I've gotten into [:

15. Do you wear blush?

- Nooo I don't. I really want to try blush though [:
or Deep Throat?

Milani's baked blush luminoso
Since I just want to try blush I'll probably go for Milani's [:

16. Do you copy any of the celebrity's make up?

- Nope I feel like a lot of them wear too much make up for my taste

17. Favorite make up artist?

-You know...I actually don't know of any....unless Youtube beauty gurus who make their own looks count?

18. What's your favorite night time look?

-I think for night time....more black comes out. Haha. Wait. Is this question just towards make up? In general, I think black looks really good on people. For make up, mascara could be heavier and maybe even a little more eyeliner (although thick eyeliner kind of scares me). For clothes, I would definitely put on a pair of heels/heeled boots [:

19. Favorite concealer?

- I don't use concealer o.o

20. Favorite eyeshadow primer?

- I actually didn't have a legit eyeshadow primer until a few days ago. I keep forgetting to pick one up so I just purchased a cheap E.L.F primer and I haven't really had the chance to test it out that much. So I do not have a favorite eye primer for now.


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