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I love clothes and shoes! I don't think a girl could have enough shoes haha. When I dress I go for trendy but comfy. To me, heels that make your feet die are no fun. As much as I love heels, I only purchase ones that are comfortable enough for me to walk in for a couple of hours because I still like to enjoy myself when I wear them! 

I also love designing so make-up and nail art is such an attraction for me! However, I don't really know much about make-up so I'm starting to learn on my own [: Hopefully having a blog will help me connect with others. Follow me to talk, learn about me, discover fabulous food, and watch my progression to being a make-up literate person! :D

You can follow me on 
Twitter (I'm trying to use this more, help me!!)

My username is the same on all of them so just search for "ilhubveuu" or click on the links [:


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