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Sriracha flavored Lays chips?!

Like I posted on my Instagram, I found Sriracha flavored Lays chips while I was on a late night snack run haha. 

Unfortunately, it doesnt actually taste like sriracha but... Then again i didnt really think it would. It tastes kind of like salt and vinegar chips with a hint of something else. Kind of sweet. 

All in all not bad for chips. I just wouldnt call them sriracha flavored

Leopard print

OK, lets try this posting outfit things again. While I was in Vegas I got to go to Rue21!! I LOVE that store. I always go when we go to Delaware in the summer because they have ahMAZing deals. I ended up getting this shirt for a little over $4 [: can you say bargain? 

Anyways, what I love about this shirt is that it has POCKETS! Two. In the front. And the back is a solid black color so its not too loud. And it was 4 bucks. I mean, cmon. 

Didnt have that much time to take pics but i'll get better ^^; 



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