OOTD: Blue Zebra Top


Since I'm unable to remember any of my outfits past the week that I wore it, I decided I'll just post as many OOTD as I can through out the year.

I can't wait until the days are longer so that I have more time to record! There is really no natural light in my current house... ]:
These poses are also so awkward

the best capture I could get of my shirt without the sun interferring

 Throughout the year I mostly just keep it simple. Most of the time I will just feature my shirt when I get lazy because that's really the only thing that changes. I wear the same shade and style of jeans almost every day so there's no point in showing it all the time.

oh...leggings are also a common occurance

I got bored with the posing ><

Just so you can see the thin material and pattern 


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